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Auto Loot

A very easy way to collect all needed itens automatically to your desired backpack!

Auto Loot
•Right click on your backpack.
•Click on Manage Loot Containers.
•Assign the backpack you want to receive loot.
•Check use main container as fallback.
•Check Accepted Loot to accept all itens defined by you, otherwise, check Skipped Loot to not accept itens defined.
•Right click on item you want to add to your loot list and click Add to Loot List.
•Your loot list should be like this.
•Add unlimited itens to your loot list!

Configuring auto loot in party hunts
Party leaders will be always receiving ALL auto loot.
•Party leader will loot only what he chose, as steps above.
•Whenever a player is with full capacity, pass leadership to other party members and they start to receive all loot. •Players must be with enable shared full, otherwise auto loot will count as solo.

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Top 5 Experience

1 - Seleth
   Level: (970)
   Holy Paladin
2 - Miskhan
   Level: (907)
   Fighter Knight
3 - Gigikah
   Level: (902)
   Nature Druid
4 - Paralyzer
   Level: (895)
   Nature Druid
5 - Seu Pai
   Level: (890)
   Fighter Knight