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News: Update 1.17 - Vocations Balance

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Update 1.17 - Vocations Balance

Hello everyone,Arquivo:Knight artwork.png

After analyzing data extracted from boss, damage on pvp and damage on hunts, we came in conclusion that still paladin and knights are most strong vocation in the game, almosting deleting any mage. Trying to balance it, we came with this changes:


  • Utito Tempo San was with a incorrect normal value (50%).Now it value is correct with Tibia (40%).
  • We realized that Utito Tempo San combo, combined with auto attack increased 20% were way to strong (damaging 5-6k on one combo). To balance it, now sharpshooter spell will receive 20% bonus, instead of 30%


    We realized that Utito tempo was escalating fist in a higher value, allowing knights to tank almost anything and giving more damage than other vocations

  • Utito tempo:
    • Fighter Knight : now it will increase 7% of fist
    • Tanker Knight : now it will increase 4% of fist


PS: We will continue to analyze all data and feedback from players. Nothing is permanent.

PS1: We will check how it this changes perform to make changes on mages, if needed



25.09.21 01:15:40
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