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News: Major maintaince

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Major maintaince

Hello everyone,Arquivo:The Horned Fox.png

Last few days we were suffering with a lot of crashes from the server and it was very painful for everyone (even me, analyzing weirds bugs made my head burn). This morning, checking that we were having a memory leak so big that was crashing instantly the server, i decided to change the machine and start over a new configuration. After long hours of backuping and configuring, i manage to bring back our server online and expect that weirds bigs will not happen again (i cannot unsure 100% sure because if it was a bullet proof code, IT area probably would have way less people). Let's keep an eye on the game, if something strange happens, call an Admin, we will reward you in tc or even real money.


With this machine change we already implemented 1 more fix:

  • Gold loot will now go directly to player bank account
  • Magic gold converter will not work anymore. Those who bought it will be able to sell it and receive your coins back (Npc will be summoned for the whole week tomorrow)


29.09.21 01:13:21
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