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News: We are back again!

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We are back again!

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Hello everyone,

After 1 week offline, due to many bugs found on our distro, we are back again!

At this reopening week, we prepared a lot of new events to warm you up again:

Day Event
Monday  25% more experience.
Tuesday  25% more loot.
Wednesday  30% more skill.
Thursday  50% faster spawns
Friday  50% faster spawns, 25% more experience and skills
Saturaday  50% faster spawns, 25% more experience and skills
Sunday  50% faster spawns, 25% more experience and skills

We also activated double craft week. Now all craft itens have 50% more drop chance and tokens drop in double.

Missed special bosses from both weekends will be summoned randomly during the week as 21:00

Stay tunned and good game everyone!

PS: if you find any bug, report it immedietly via discord, whatsapp or in game.


10.10.21 23:43:18
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on 10.10.21 23:50:41
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