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!outfit (changes the whole guild outfit)
✔ Command rules:

  • Only the guild leader is able to use.
  • Has a exhaust of 10 minutes.

  • !target (sets a golden square on a player)
    ✔ Command rules:

  • Only guild leaders or vice-leaders are able to use.
  • The target can be seen only by guild players
  • Has a exhaust of 10 seconds.

  • Guild Wars
    Aggressor Information Enemy
    The guild is currently not involved in a guild war.

    Monster of the Day
    Monster Pedestal

    New Puzzles!

    Top 5 Experience

    1 - Seleth
       Level: (970)
       Holy Paladin
    2 - Miskhan
       Level: (907)
       Fighter Knight
    3 - Gigikah
       Level: (902)
       Nature Druid
    4 - Paralyzer
       Level: (895)
       Nature Druid
    5 - Seu Pai
       Level: (890)
       Fighter Knight