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Molten OT Rules

Not following the mentioned rules on this page can get your account banned or even deleted.
As in everything, common sense is required. Please note that these rules may change at any time.
If you got any questions, ask them on support ticket.

Rules on Molten OT
Category Rule

 Bug Abuse

Finding A bug:

If you happen to encounter a bug, you should let us know about it.

How to report do I report bugs?

Simply, right click and choose "report coordinate"

Or, by presssing ctrl+z and describe the bug the best you can.
For reporting major game-breaking bugs, you will be rewarded.

Abusing Bug

Abusing bugs to gain an advantage is not tolerated and
may lead you even deletion of your entire account.
Reporting is strongly recommended, you can also be rewarded for
reporting bugs, mostly for major ones.


Blocking Areas:

It is also strictly prohibited blocking off an area for over 15 minutes.
Abusing this may lead you instant punishment.

Note!  There is an exception for this rule during guild wars.
If any team decides to block an area, they are allowed to do so.
If its being reported, a gamemaster will judge if its rule violating
or battle defense.


Using any kind of bot and macro is illegal.

Reporting Botters

The best way to report a botter is to use the in-game "report bot/macro"
tool in-game.

This is the most efficent and best way to report a user using
third-party program in an illegal way.

 Public Chat Channels

All rules are being applied to the following channels in-game:
Advertising, Help Channel (English, Portuguese and Polish),
English, Portuguese and Polish Chat and World Chat.

  • Advertise your in-game trade items
  • Advertise if you are selling/buying a house for in-game gold/items.
  • Advertise your quest services

You may not use for any other objectives

Advertising Other Servers
Advertising other servers or not related Tibia things
will result to a punishment.

Selling not in-game related
Selling anything not in-game related is considered as spamming
and will result to a punishment. The following rules here, are all
applied in the forums aswell. Example: Selling gold for RL money

Help Channel
You have to keep in mind that this channel is not for chit-chatting.
Should be only used to ask about Taleon and game related questions.
A tutor may mute you from the channel for an hour for any reason,
mostly if you are not using the Help Channel for what it should be used for.

Language Chat and World Channel In this channel you re allowed to
talk about almost anything, but as always, there are some limits.
The rules below applies to both channels, but one especially only for
English and other language channel: Its channel language should be always
respected. You should better know the following things wont be tolerated
in this and almost all channel:

Insulting statements: Keep in mind that all intentions
counts, doesnt matter in which language it is being insulted, if you
hide words like "a**h***" or expressing yourself in a non-verbal way.
If someone is tring to provoke you, the only and best thing you can do
is ignore that personal instead of responding to him or her angrily.
You mustnt take everything too seriously. Low statements such as "Noob!"
might offend you, but these are not meant to be serious insult. Well now,
sternly insulting statements may lead to a punishment.

Racist statements: In this game there are players internationally where
they communicate and meet each other. Certainly, statements made to
insult or mock a certain country or its inhabitants are not tolerated in
Molten OT. The same goes of course for a certain nation or ethnic group.

Harassing statements: It is prohibited all intentions to harass
other players. Above all, statements which are players threatened in
real life are highly illegal and will lead to staid punishments.

Sexually related statements: You should keep this in mind
better than anyone that there are children that play Molten OT too,
sexually related statements is not suitable for them and will
accordingly not be tolerated in game channels.

Spamming: Spamming is repeating identical or similar statements
one after another. Example (advertising channel): Spamming in any
game channel without a proper reason, will result to mute. If the
behaviour continues, youll be jailed.


For violating any rules defined here, youll be punished.
Instead of giving a direct ban when breaking our rules, we have
a prison system. If the violation is not serve, the rule breaker
will be jailed, if the violation is serve, further actions will be taken.

If your account or one of your characters got punished, you will find an entry in your criminal record on your account page. There you can read the reason and the duration of the punishment.

Have fun in Molten OT!
Your Molten OT Team

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